The Pickard name has been synonymous with the mining industry for nearly 40 years.

As the inventors of the Twin Roll Sizer, Alan Pickard and his partner Alan Potts revolutionised mineral sizing. Initially supplying the UK coal industry, the dedication of the Pickard family to developing new technologies soon saw them expanding into other applications and they were the first company to supply sizers to both the limestone quarries in Australia and the De Beers diamond mines.

Remaining a family-run business and now under the direction of Alan Lee Pickard, ALP continues to be at the forefront of sizer research, development and manufacture. An on-going investment in R&D means we have been able to develop innovations that make their sizers the best in the business.

Through a process of constant testing and development, ALP manufacture the most reliable, efficient and cost effective sizers available, reducing capital expenditure and saving global clients millions in revenue.