ALP Mineral Sizers Ltd designs and manufactures a bespoke range of mobile, semi-mobile and static Twin Roll Sizers for the mining and quarrying industries.

With 40 years experience in the mineral processing sector, ALP products are used in hundreds of locations worldwide, covering the coal, clay shale, nickel, iron ore, limestone, gold ore, gold tailings and copper ore markets, amongst others.

The low speed, high torque design, along with the variety of tooth configurations available, gives ALP’s sizers a number of industry and environmental advantages:

  • ROM feed size up to 3000mm
  • Outfeeds as low as 10m
  • Capacities in excess of 15,000mtph
  • Minimal fines
  • Minimal dust
  • Low noise

The Star Track Tooth System

ALP has developed the Star Track Tooth system as a way of minimising the repair downtime experienced by our customers as much as possible.

Each tooth plate is held in place on the barrel by a set of cast studs, and the barrel itself is bolted onto the main rotor shaft. This design, unique to ALP, means the bolts are always held in tension and cannot break.

In the event of a tooth needing replacing, it can be done quickly and simply by removing the bolt and lifting the tooth out by hand (or crane depending on the sizer type), with no need to remove the rotor shaft. The modular nature of our system cuts repair times to a fraction of those of other manufacturers.

ALP Gearboxes

ALP have designed and built their own gearboxes since the company was formed and they are now recognised as the best in the industry. These heavy duty units are mining specification and fabricated from a range of high tensile steels, with all bearings and gears lubricated with ALP’s self lubricating system. The modular design of our gearboxes means they can be removed from the sizer easily, with minimal downtime.

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