ALP’s pioneering initiatives make us class leaders in the mineral sizing industry. Through our constantly evolving innovations, we remain the leading experts on sizer technology.

Tough - Powerful - Reliable

ALP’s sizers are built to withstand the punishing demands of the mining environment. Our heavy-duty gearboxes are recognised as the best in the industry and are designed specifically to be used in all mining and quarrying applications.

Our main rotor shafts have the widest diameter of any manufacturer, making them stronger and guarding against flexing, twisting and breaking, even over longer throat lengths. All our sizers are stress relieved before machining is done on the main structure, eliminating the need for heavy foundations.

In-House Manufacturing

At ALP we manufacture every component of our Twin Roll Sizers in-house and never subcontract work to outside suppliers. Using our own dedicated machine shops and foundries means we keep overhead costs to a minimum, making our sizers by far the most competitively priced and reliable in the industry.

Research and Development

ALP continues to be at the forefront of sizer research, development and manufacture.

An on-going investment in R&D means we have been able to develop innovations that make our sizers the best in the business. Through our process of constant testing and development, we manufacture the most reliable, efficient and cost effective sizers available.

By keeping all manufacturing in-house, we are also able to perform extensive testing and subject our sizers to the specific conditions they will face in the field. All of our products are manufactured with the view to reducing the costs of repairs, servicing and spares faced by our clients

Revolutionary Modular Design

The modular construction of ALP’s Twin Roll Sizers means maintenance and repairs can be carried out in a fraction of the time compared to other manufacturers.

The gearboxes, motors, fluid couplings and housings, as well as the main sizing chambers, are all of a modular design, so they do not have to be removed when a tooth needs replacing. This all translates into vastly reduced downtime and huge cost savings.


ALP sizers have a variety of tooth configurations for different mining and quarrying operations, and our unique Stud Track and Star Track systems means our sizers’ teeth can be changed in situ, without the need to remove gearboxes, motors or rotor shafts.

Should an entire tooth change be needed, it can be completed in either a 1 or 2 eight-hour shift, depending on the type of sizer. This rapid repair frees our customers from the associated expense of idle machinery.

Bespoke Manufacture

Unique amongst our competitors, our own dedicated manufacturing plant gives us the ability to produce bespoke sizers, perfectly tailored to each of our clients’ exact requirements.

By removing the need to subcontract elements of the manufacturing process, we are able to provide a quick turnaround on our clients’ orders, completing and delivering projects faster than any of our competitors.


All ALP sizers are fitted with low speed sensing probes that identify any unwanted material that may fall into the sizing chamber.

Our hydraulic couplings are fitted with bursting discs to act as safety valves in the event of foreign objects entering the machine and the modular design of the whole system ensures replacing a burst disc is a simple and quick procedure, with no need to remove the gearbox or motor.